Winter Meet 2018

Mark your calendars, the 2018 Winter Meet is being held again in Wausau, WI on February 2-4th, 2018 at the Weston Inn and Suites. For additional details on the event including costs, please check out this page. We hope to see you there!

Our guest speaker will be Lynn Oliphant.  Lynn is an accomplished longwinger and has been flying falcons beginning in the 1960s, he has flown all species of falcons native to North America at wild quarry as well as several hybrids. His bird of choice is the tiercel peregrine flown at Huns, sharptail and ducks. Experiments with tamehacking began in the early 1970s culminating in a book (The Four Week Window) describing the importance of early experience in the development of eyass birds. This has recently been superseded by his new book “Developing the Modern Gamehawk”. 

Lynn will be speaking primarily on his ideas regarding the optimal development of eyass birds for falconry and showing a 20 minute video of the method used at his small breeding project “Prairie Sky Falcons”. If there is sufficient interest, a discussion of the evidence for a very large breeding population of peregrines located primarily in northern Canada will be entertained. A limited number of copies of the current book will also be available at a reduced price.

For any questions please contact the meet coordinator at