Lost and Found Birds

Lost and Found Birds for WFA

Sometimes, birds become lost during a day in the field. If your bird becomes lost please contact one of the WFA officers for posting on the website. You might also inform any wildlife centers, rehabilitators, or humane societies in your area. If a bird is recovered by the public, those places would be the logical choices where it may be taken. Friendly birds seen sitting with “anklets” have also been reported in the past. Often times many centers or humane societies are not aware there may be falconers in their area.

Veterinarians Treating Injury and Illness

If your bird becomes injured or sick, you may contact one of the following veterinarians knowledgeable in treating wildlife.


Minnesota Raptor Center

Dr. Pat Redig



University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine



Dean Rassmussen DVM

All Care Animal Hospital

Wisconsin Rapids, WI



Diane Zilker DVM

Token Creek Veterinary Clinic

Sun Prairie, WI



Meg Robinson DVM

Waterford Veterinary Clinic

Waterford, WI