Falconry Links

North American Falconers Association – http://www.n-a-f-a.com/

A worldwide web to related links in the “art of falconry” – http://www.falconry.com/

Peregrine Fund – http://www.peregrinefund.org/

American Falconry Magazine – http://www.americanfalconry.com/

Hunting Society (second largest outfitting site to Cabela’s) – http://www.huntingsociety.org/falconry

The History of Falconry – http://www.themodernapprentice.com/

Dave Noble in the field

State and Federal Links

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/

State of Wisconsin falconry license information – http://doiop.com/falconry

NR18 rules and regs – http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/code/nr/nr018.pdf

WI Waterfowl regs – MigratoryRegs2015.pdf

WI Small Game regs – SmallGameRegs2015.pdf

Stacy Rowe at Bureau of Endangered Resources. Stacy.Rowe@Wisconsin.gov
DNR Endangered Resources  1-608-266-7012
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707

US Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3
Division of Migratory Birds
Region 3, Great Lakes/Big Rivers
(612) 713-5449 | FAX: (612) 713-5393

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – http://offices.fws.gov/